Why Radhika?



I want to tell your story and to do that well means getting to know you, finding out what excites you, what makes you laugh and cry... how you envision your wedding day. I’ll keep an eye not just on beautiful images of the two of you, but on the crazy dancing fool of a best man, the grandmother who means the world to you, the parents who are both happy you’ve found the right person and sad to let you go, the wayward little flower girl who is supposed to walk down the aisle, but chances are will decide she doesn’t want to throw the pretty little flowers out of the basket.  

Your day should be about the joy of starting a life together and celebrating with the people who matter most to you.  

Are you excited about having photos like the ones here be the photos of your wedding or your family?  

Can you see spending the day with me and sharing your story? Asking my advice when all the planning starts to feel overwhelming and you’re trying to stay focused on what you want out of the day?  

Or are you going down the list of wedding photographers and think they all look alike and one is as good as the next? If so, go through that list again with the idea that the photography on your wedding day should be personal and special. It should fit you as much as your wedding dress says something about your style and the theme of your wedding does. Think about what you like; candid photography, vibrant color, a vintage look, photoshop filters, high fashion. It’s about you and how you want to remember this time in your life. You should be excited about the person you pick as your photographer. 

I’m not trying to book every bride and groom who contacts me.  

I’ll agree to photograph your wedding if I think we are a great fit for each other.  

You don’t deserve anything less.