Client Raves

"I'm going to send you an official Thank You but I just had to get a few words out while they were fresh... You and Liz were unbelievable! Your attention to detail, your calm demeanor, even your little giggle I loved!!!! Seriously - I had a blast with the two of you all day and you worked your assess off!! I can't wait to see the pictures. Hiring you was one of the best decisions I made for the wedding. - Elona  

"I just wanted to let you know that Mike and I went up to visit my folks for the holidays, looked through the pictures, and loved them. They were beautiful. You did incredible things with the lighting and scenery - some of those photos look like something out of a fairy tale. Thank you for applying your energy and talent to the event and for capturing so much of our special day." - Jacquie B. 

"WOW...they are just amazing. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! - S. McLetchie 

"We've seen the photos and love them!!!!! You captured so many amazing moments. Some I witnessed first hand and some not. I am so happy to have had a peek into that which I missed.  

You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We are so happy!" - Michelle Cottle 

" I wanted a true documentary-style photographer .... Someone with experience to capture the true essence of my husband and I. The love that filled the air that day was evident in each photograph. Radhika's photography style is unique, fresh and honest. And her attention to detail was superb. I highly recommend her." - R. Shah 

"Radhi is passionate about her work, so you can be confident that she'll always work to find the best shot. She'll work closely with you, giving sound advice and always listening to your needs. She was everywhere, photographing from many different angles. Her style told the story of our wedding day through candid, honest shots. Her photos truly captured the moments and made those who weren't present feel like they were." - Valerie D.  

"I'm delighted we chose Radhi to photograph our wedding. Her pictures were more honest and real and thus more moving than most wedding photos I had seen. She was extremely energetic, listened carefully, and was a pleasure to deal with." - Pamela K.  


"The pictures are amazing - the hardest part is deciding which ones to frame." - Lynette H.  

"It was a pleasure to have Radhi come to our house to photograph our newborn. She possesses an innate ability to capture the intimate moments of everyday life with young children and the patience to let these moment unfold naturally. She appreciates and respects the unpredictable nature of babies and lets them be themselves, capturing the essence of newborns - the wonder and the unexpected." - Claire F.